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    Hi all..

    In iTunes, regarding your library, what defined putting an "HD" logo next to your content on Apple TV ?

    Is there some set resolution that iTunes looks for and it must be at, or above a certain resolution to quality as "HD" ?

    As mostly all my iTunes content IS HD..... Technically, is not exactly 1080p or 720p, but its at least 1080x ....... and 720 by ...... resolutions..

    Yet i only see the "HD" logo appear next to about half of my movies..

    Also, regarding the cover flow that's displayed, not everything is moving if more than few titles appear. in a selected genre (since that's how i mine library set up)

    Some appear as cover-flow but others are just static, and fade to the next cover art...

    Why does this appear ? Is this due to a cover image.. ? Since iTunes scales them anyway, they look ok, it just not all of the genres/categories i have set up have cover-flow.

    How can i fix it ?
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    May 6, 2008
    I’m not sure if this will work (or if it’s the best solution...) but trying using Subler. Open the video files in it, and under “Other Settings” there’s an option to tag it as HD.

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