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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by TheMilko, May 23, 2015.

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    Mar 6, 2014
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    Today, I've spent nearly two hours on the phone to apple support, to try and sort out a problem I've discovered with my 42mm SSSB :apple:watch.

    This morning, I asked the wife to call me, so I could try out the call silencing feature of the :apple:watch, where if your cover the watch face when the phone rings, it should silent the call.

    My :apple:watch is running the latest version of Watch OS 1.0.1

    When I covered the face, the call was silenced, but it seemed to restart / freeze and the apple logo appeared on the face, this happened twice, so I rang Apple support.

    After nearly 2 hours on the phone to Apple support, unpairing & repairing several times to both mine & my wife's iPhone 5S's, it's still not sorted and the guy on the end of the phone, as asked me to keep testing it and send him email updates for the next few days.

    He explained that the tech team will work on this, because it appears to be a software problem and not an hardware issue, because it did it on both our phones.

    Has anyone else suffered a similar issue?

    If so, what combination of Watch OS and model iPhone are you currently using?

    I've been told, that if I can gather as many examples as possible then report back in a few days, then hopefully they will be able to release another update to solve the issue.

    Let's hope they can also sort the issue with Maps too.

    The tech guy on the other end of the phone, was extremely helpful and to tell you the truth, I couldn't have asked to be treated any better, than he did. So I'd like to thank Panos, for all his help
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    I believe crashing upon silencing a call is a new bug in 1.0.1. Nothing to worry about. Just wait for the next software update.

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