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Aug 8, 2007
I am using Mail cofigured with my Cox account at home, and I can send and receive emails fine with no problems. However when I bring my laptop to work or bookstore, etc, I can only receive email but it will not send on Cox's smtp server as they dont allow relaying. I signed up for a Gmail account, and now with that I can reply to my Cox emails while at work on gmails smtp server, but the recipients will see my Gmail account. Is there a way to "hide" the gmail account so that the recipients will see my Cox address?

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Oct 9, 2006
not if you are sending an email Gmail will always put that account on there. If it did not it is a quick way for the mail to get flagged as spam. The SMTP server it is sent though is in the log for the email and quite often if the smtp does not match up with the email address it will get flagged as spam. Plus doing that prevent spammers from just routing everything though gmail and getting the server black listed.

My university has to deal with it servers being black listed because they will forward mail sent to students to another account. A large amount of spam is sent to the students (university is trying to stop it but it is spam) and so it was get getting blacklisted because so much was being forward from it. Because of this they are disabling the forwarding feature and only if you are grandfathered in do you get the forwarding account.

Sum it up there is no way for you to do that. I never bothered setting up my cox or sudden link addresses and just completely used gmail. It is nice not being tied to a isp. It going to be come down to get used to having it, send email though cox over the web or switch completely over to gmail.

I tried about every trick to get it work as well but in the end gave up. Gmail smtp requires a log in which is what will attach the gmail account to it.
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