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  1. Belvin000 macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2012
    I've read some threads that sorta touch on this, but no real answers. I'm new to the mac world and bought a mini a week ago. I know that Mac doesn't play blu ray, but I'm trying to rip blu rays with MakeMKV so I can process them with Handbrake. The problem is, I can't get MakeMKV to even recognize the disk drive to begin with. I know the drive works as I installed Office earlier today, so I'm wondering why it won't show up? The LG website is useless as well. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks in advance.
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    Heyyyy your username is what the telemarketers call me :)

    Anyway, what's the model of your BR drive? I used to have an LG till a power surge killed it..it was kind for ripping and didn't need any drivers.
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    Mar 25, 2012
    Blevin, Blevins, Belvo, Belnar...I've heard them all. How hard is "Belvin"?

    Anyway, the drive is the CP40NG10. I'm trying to find a cheap copy of Windows 7, I'm hoping it'll treat it like Office and just start the installation process. Then i can see if it's working fine with Windows which I suspect it will. But I'd still really like to get it to work on the Mac side.
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    Apr 26, 2012
    CP40 for mac

    I just bought an LG CP40 3D blu-ray drive and when i got it home, i plugged it into my mac mini via dual USB, popped in a blu-ray and voila, my Mac Blu-ray Player application auto started and went directly to the video_ts file of the blu-ray disc. No FBI warning, no previews, no menu. Neither the drive or the application have Region constraints, so you can watch any disc from any region at 1080p, as long as your monitor supports it.
    I have noticed that a couple of my blu-ray discs generated a FAILED TO PLAY BLU-RAY DISC message box, but I'm not sure if its the application or the drive. Mac Blu-ray Player tech support speaks broken english, but they are very quick to respond and very helpful.
    Its a good product to compliment the LG CP40 Blu-ray external drive.

    ps Have you experienced any issues with the LG drive just not responding to ejecting a disc?


    also, i know the box for the LG CP40 doesn't say its mac compatible, but it is, and if you plan on sticking with makeMKV then you should rip and burn to blank blu-ray, which will also unencrypted the file and make it region free


    then you just play the burned blu-ray with VLC, which is free, and only plays blu-ray discs that are unencrypted. i.e. burned discs

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