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May 30, 2023
I ran into some issue in my macbook pro 2012 so tried to recover it from internet recovery successfullly downloaded os x but while trying to install it I'm constantly getting this error I also tried to install catalina from Bootable drive but after selecting reinstall mac os the continue buts greys out and nothing happens its stuck there can't do anything now i can't eneter in my system and not able to install new os

Error log

panic (cpu 2 caller Oxffffff80007bcae5): "Process 1 exec of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 2"0/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-2782.40.9/bsd/kern/kern_exec.c:4033 Debugger called: <panic)
Backtrace (CPU 2), Frame: Return Address
VM Swap Subsystem is ON
Oxffffff8108f93df8: 0xffffff800032ad21 Bxffffff8108f93e78: 0xffffff80087bcae5 Oxffffff8108f93ef8: 0xffffff8000796b82 8xffffff8188f93f18: 0xffffff80007d9811 8xffffff8108f93f50 : 0xffffff8000327256 Oxffffff8108f93f88: 0xffffff800041756e Oxffffff8188f93fa8: 0xffffff8000433c6f
BSD process name corresponding to current thread: init
Boot args: -x
Mac OS version:
Not yet set
Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 14.5.0: Wed Jul 29 02:26:53 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2782.40.9-1/RELEASE_X86_64 Kernel UUID: 58F06365-45C7-3CA7-B88D-173AFD1A03C4
HIB text base: 0xffffff88801088808
System model name: MacBookPro9,2 (Mac-6F01561E16C75D06)
System uptime in nanose
conds: 2889848365


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Apr 7, 2011
I am under the impression that should you wish to reinstall an OS onto your 2012 MacBook Pro, it would have to be the OS that came with the machine originally – maybe Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8), though it's possible that depending on when the laptop was purchased, it may be Mavericks or Yosemite?

As I understand it, your machine will not accept any OSX after that and only when you reinstall the original and specific OS that came with the machine can you then begin to subsequently reinstall a later-period OS.

Disregarding for the moment whatever the state of your current installation attempt is, and I'm afraid I am unable to comment usefully on that, it may well also later become an issue ensuring that your machine will even accept the 'original' OS that came with the laptop. It may be that you would have to 'circumvent' the more usual reinstallation process (ie, that which would have been appropriate at the time of the OS), partly by preventing the laptop from ascertaining the current date at which you are attempting a reinstall, which of course is many years later. (It would be able to ascertain the current date if/when connected to the internet).

The reason for that potential complication is that the old OS (Lion, Mountain Lion or whatever) will no longer have a valid signature (this may not be the correct terminology) or other functioning reference that would enable the MacBook reinstall to complete. Manually amending the date and time on your laptop to a period specifically relevant to the old OS you are attempting to reinstall would 'trick' the process into working as though all is as it should be. A bit of 'sleight of hand' time travel, as it were.

I'm not quite sure what exactly it is you have done to get to the situation you are currently in with your MacBook. Maybe other forum members will have additional or more useful insights than mine that will assist you further in your efforts. Good luck.
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