CPU Turbo Boost on Mac's

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Tech198, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Am in the market for a Macbook Air,,, heading towards the standard config 1.6Gig, however how do know when a Mac "turbo boosts" up to their max speed as to infuse buying decision ?

    E.g You can get possibly get away with a lower spec Mac and save money knowing some software *could* take up to the max that cpu can run to, vs just paying the money out right for a better machine in the first place..

    I don't wanna spend money if i don't have to. Of course, if u use intensive based cpu software more, then the decision is easier than using it the that software every now and then
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    As the work load increases, the CPU speed will increase as well. Basically, if the CPU is struggling to keep up with the task efficiently, then it will jump to a higher speed.

    But then we hit the other side of the wall. As the CPU works harder and faster, it heats up. And as it nears the max temp, the computer slows the CPU to cool the CPU back down.

    Hence the term turbo boost. It is meant for short bursts, not continuous heavy workloads.

    Buy a computer based on its minimum speed, not its maximum speed.

    If it's minimum speed seems too slow, then get a faster one. You'll never get a continuous maximum speed. The computer will slow itself down to prevent overheating. Consider turbo to be momentary.

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