Cracked screen...Zagg screen protector...please help!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by J.D.M., Mar 15, 2012.

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    Hey there, everybody. :) So, I have an unfortunate problem. My iPod touch fell on the ground and its screen is partially broken, mostly on the top where the camera is, but the cracking does extend all the way down the screen. I got a screen protector (Zagg) from Best Buy, thinking that that would help keep the crack from spreading. I was about to apply the screen protector--I even applied the spray that they said to put on the screen protector before putting it on the iPod. It then dawned on me that that might be a bad idea and allow moisture to seep in through the cracks. Is that indeed a bad idea? If so, does anybody have any recommendations as to how I might be able to keep the crack from spreading and use it normally (the screen still functions just fine despite its cracked state). Please help...thanks so much in advance. :)
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    I don't think anything's going to keep it from cracking except something to seal the cracks (which probably wouldn't work well). You should probably just use a screen protector that doesn't require you use a solution.

    As far as I see you have two options (you have more than that realistically, but these are likely best):

    Replace screen.
    Use different screen protector.

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