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Jun 9, 2009
So I noticed the ear speaker for my iPhone X has been sounding strange lately. Sounds like it has been damaged a bit. I never dropped it, however... I do clean the phone daily with an anti-bacterial wipe. I am very careful around the ear speaker as to not let any excess liquid make it in there.

I don't have apple care. Any chance a stop to the apple store might be able to fix it for a small price or even free (if it happened to be manufacture defect?).

Has anyone else had this issue as well? Its not a deal breaker since I do more text/email than calls, but being OCD it will annoy me from time to time.



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Nov 26, 2018
Never seen such an issue, but I believe that Apple would do a minor cost or even a free repair. The have always taken care of me even when I hadn't purchased Apple Care just to address an issue that was their fault. If the speaker failed like that, it is most likely a manufacturing defect for failing so soon.
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Jul 1, 2008
OP are you talking about it being in stereo speaker mode or when you're talking on the phone and listening to it next to your ear?


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Sep 22, 2015
Washington, DC
If you’re talking about a muffled sound and barely able to hear your callers, you’re probably going to have to visit the Apple Store and have a diagnostic run for your speaker. I had this same issue back in September and sure enough the earpiece speaker failed the diagnostic and I had my screen replaced. I had left my device sitting in my car for 2 hours while it was over 100 degrees outside and that damaged the speaker. I have AppleCare, but without it I would’ve paid $271 to have the screen replaced.
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