Cracks under iPad screen.

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    Nov 22, 2014
    Today something landed on the corner of my iPad cover. The result is the iPad screen does not light up anything but a small shatter pattern in one corner. The glass of the screen is not cracked at all- it appears to be underneath it.

    Are there any ways to fix this? or do I throw it and buy a new one?
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    Sep 23, 2013
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    What version ipad is it? It might be worth at least checking with Apple to see what a repair may cost. Might be less than you'd expect. Seems crazy to just throw it out though. They are still worth something even with cracked screens.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    your mileage may vary!!!

    the rest of this post depends on how old your iPad is. if its a current iPad or not

    the apple genius has the secret ability to replace your out of warranty gadget and not need managers approval depending on your honesty and sob story.

    i've heard an iPad can be out of warranty for 3 months , and the genius can still replace your gadget without manager's approval. they do this for like customer satisfaction.

    maybe if you told them it was an apple cover that you had, you can maybe get them to replace it

    when you are telling your story , try to make the genius feel sorry for your situation , maybe show him pictures of your kids, or bring the kids and family with you. and they might replace it or no cost

    when the genius is considering replacing it, he will ask you if you backed up the device. SAY YES, that means he is probably going to believe you and replace it

    here is an attachment. i went to the apple store because the screen shattered.

    i think they do this for stuff that is still under warranty. or still current. several people have tried this and it sounds to me like they won't do it for older devices.

    maybe 15 months is the max they will cover your iPad without applecare ? i dunno

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