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    May 9, 2009
    I am trying to sell my ACD on Craigslist and someone contacted me with this arrangement. IS it a Scam?

    I'm glad it's still for sale,You will receive the payment in a weeks time,i would have loved to come and see it in person but due to the busy nature of my job that wont permit me,i will be making payment by money order and i will be needing your full name and address make them payable as i do not want to lose this sales to someone else,if you will keep it in my favor,i dont mind adding twenty dollar for the delay.pick-up wont be a problem as i already have an arrangement for that. Thanks.
    Second Email after I asked about pickup

    I am only buying stuff to re-sell. I live in ma but have and arrangement with a moving company to pick-up for me as soon as you have received payment and deem it fit to let go of it. I will be paying with a money order or Cashiers check so Please if you are okay with my arrangement, reply back with your full name and address so that payment can be sent as soon as possible.
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    Total scam. When selling stuff on CL, go with terms like: "Meet in Person", "Cash Only".

    My personal fave: "If you're from another country (e.g., Nigeria) please send me your contact information and I will gladly report you to the nearest police department."

    ALWAYS be skeptical until the cash is in your hand and the buyer has left. Always have a friend around or meet in publish places!

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    This is a diff case.

    They say they will let me wait for cheque/money order to cash and then they will send the moving company to pick it up. I can tell the person when to come so it seems a lil lagit
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    You're right and everyone else is wrong. Good luck to you.
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    This is great advice and the only way to work with CL.

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