crashed 4 x in 3 hours. time machine?


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Jan 11, 2006
my imac g5 2g 250ghd has crashed 4 times tonight while running leopard. the only thing that seems to be connected to each instance is that time machine was backing up. when i first ran it last night it only backed up 100gb of 180gb. it has continued backing up in stages today. now it seems to be hung up with the preparing note in tm for the past 15 minutes. everything else works great. anyone have a similar issue or have any idea what's wrong?

not sure if it is related, but i could also never get backup to work. it always failed to complete the full back up.


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Aug 15, 2007
similar problem

First time I ran TM, I had to leave, when I came back the screen was black. I thought the display had just got to sleep, so I hit the keyboard and moved the mouse--it didn't wake up. The computer was still on and humming--but with no display. I ended up rebooting. When TM ran again, I had to leave to go see a movie ("Dan in Real Life" by the way). When I came back the computer screen was black and blank again. Turning the computer off and then back on was the only way to get it going again.

Both times, when Leopard loads back up a window is there that says, "OS X had to unexpectedly quit." I've never had the OPERATING SYSTEM unexpectedly quit before!!!
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