CrashPlan Backup of iCloud Drive

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    Up until yesterday I have been using Google Drive for all my storage needs across my devices and have been backing up the folder using CrashPlan's free option to a HDD offsite at a friends house. All has been working wonderfully.

    Now that I have Yosemite, I can't seem to figure out where the iCloud Drive folder/data is located on my local drive to select it for daily backup. In fact, I can't even take the iCloud Drive and drag it to my Doc or desktop for easier access. Doesn't make much sense it is only accessible from the sidebar of Finder.

    I was under the impression iCloud Drive functioned just like Google Drive and Dropbox. Am I doing something wrong or did I just misunderstand? I just upgraded both my wife and I to the 20GB plan each in hopes of ditching Google and Dropbox for good. What if I delete something on iCloud Drive or made an unwanted change... is there a way to get the file back or restored?

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    I found this useful info. Once you know where the iCloud Drive is on the local drive, its very easy to create a dock icon or restore files on Crashplan.

    The Backup of my personal docs are in the hidden folder Macintosh HD>Users>Your Folder>Library>Mobile Documents>com~apple~CloudDocs

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