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    Do you know how many sums can you do in 20 seconds? Do you know 20 sums only takes a few seconds to complete?

    Crazy World Cup,Crazy Maths!Easy crazy game “Crazy Maths” is being free for limited time. Select the "+ - * /" to make a quick fire. There are four kinds of modes. It’s Apple’s new recommended products, and is stimulate, intense, gut-wrenching! You won't stop. Do the arithmetic while counting the seconds, see who is madder! Now the The highest record is do 20 sums in 7.911 seconds! Waiting for your challenges.

    You can download it by searching “Crazy Maths” in Apple Store.

    Four kinds of modes:
    1.Classic mode: Answer 20 questions In the shortest time,Commonly known as Small whirlwind mode;
    2.Zen mode: Do as many sums as possible in 20 seconds. It’s a great model to hone your reaction;
    3.Speed mode: In infinite time answer infinite sums. It’s the best mode to test your speed of answer;
    4.Stage Mode: You can upgrade by completing 20 questions in a specified time. The lower the time, the higher the level! There will always be a person can get through customs, like you! ... 7727?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8
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