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  1. macboy70 macrumors newbie

    Jan 22, 2008
    During the last (and recent) round of ringtone issues caused by 1.1.3 I decided to use the extension re-naming method and let iTunes sync my ringtones. I was using iToner before. The sync went as expected and everything was fine - except that I have one ringtone that I can't remove from my iPhone now. It's name is "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r". There are two problems. First, I accidentaly removed it from iTunes. Secondly, when I try to re-creat it I can't name it the same since neither my mac or my pc will allow for the ":" in the name. I have no idea how the file got on my phone with the ":" in it to begin with.

    Does anyone know how I can remove this file from my phone - without hacking my phone. I know that if I can re-create the file, iToner will let me remove it from the phone. For now, iToner insists that the file is managed by iTunes - but it's not in iTunes any more. And, like I said already, I can't figure out how a file with an illegel name got into iTunes and then on my phone anyway.

    Please send help.

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Fix i like this

    First move the "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r" File from the Ringtone folder in iTunes to the desktop.

    Then delete the "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r" file in from all folders and playlists in iTunes.

    Use Find in the File menu in the Finder and search Ringtones look for the "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r" File to see if it is still there. if it is, move to the trash. the only "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r" file should be still only on the Desktop.

    Plug in your iPhone and go to the Ringtone tab and uncheck the Sync ringtones box sync your iPhone. You will get a warning about your ringtones being removed, Don't worry. Just do it.

    Remove the iPhone and you should have only the default ringtones.

    Place the "Star Wars: Main Theme.m4r" file from the desktop to the Ringtone folder in iTunes. Reconnect your iPhone and check the Selected ringtones button and check all the ringtones you want on your iPhone.

    That should fix it. Good Luck:D
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    Jan 21, 2002
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    Just simply restore your iPhone. All your settings will be saved by iTunes, and you can get iToner to re-sync your ringtones.

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Thanks for the advise

    Thanks for the advise. I'll do a restore. I guess I was trying to avoid doing that but it seems that's the only way.


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