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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ggibson913, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Ok, I admit it, I miss the iPhone. It isn't that the GS5 doesn't do the job, it is just I think I want the new iPhone. There are currently two ways I can upgrade. I am on AT&T Next 12. I can:

    Pay off the phone for nearly $500 and sell it on e-bay.

    Pay an Early upgrade fee which equals the number of payments I have left on the Next 12 plan and trade it in for new iPhone.

    Both sound completely crazy at first blush, but, I would have to pay the Early upgrade fee anyway in the form of device payments., so I owe that money on this phone anyway. The difference is that I would be able to get the new phone immediately and start paying on that. I am really thinking of paying the early upgrade fee and getting the iPhone I want. Plus it i looking like I won't see an iPhone for at least another month regardless of what I order, not to mention that I want to get a look at them physically before making a move.

    First world problems right? What do you guys think? I do like that I am able to get out of the GS5 if I want to earlier but regardless would have to trade it in or pay it off and sell it. I am finding they don't retain their value very well and once ebay takes their cut the result may well be the same.
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    If you HAD to have the iPhone 6/6+ the only question I would be asking would be the following:

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    Well that is kind of the point. It is going to cost me the early upgrade fee whether I pay it now or if I pay it over time for the next 7 monthsas my next 12 payment.
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