Create address book group from email recipients?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jdsam, Nov 10, 2009.

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    I'm in college and get a lot of emails from a lot of different groups and I often have reason to save them as a group in address book, but I usually stop once I realize that I need to add each of the people to my address book one by one, and then add them all to a group as I go.

    Is there a way to streamline this? In an ideal world I would like to be able to create a new group in address book and just copy/click and drag all the address from the email to the group. But, like I said before the biggest issue right now is having to add each person to address book one at a time, simplifying that process alone would be a huge help. Any suggestions, is what I'm thinking of even possible?

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    I would also like to create a address book group from an email.

    For example, I get an email that was CC'd to 68 people. I too will be emailing to these 68 people in the future. I would like to create a group for them.

    My workaround is to click reply all and then save that as a draft. Then I have the "group" email ready to go in the future.
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    I do not know if this issue is deprecated, after a couple of years, after a couple of OS versions, new versions of Apple Mail and Address Book.

    Still, today I ran into the same problem, me still running Snow Leopard, 10.6.8.

    I am nonplussed to find Address Book (or Mail) to be unable to add multiple recipients to a Group of email addresses without having added the recipients before. Just as jdsam described the scenario.

    I think modernmagic’s work-around using a draft only works to a certain degree, since once you sent the next “draft-based” mail, the draft will be turned to a sent mail. For the next mail to be sent, you would have to go the Sent folder, open the mail last sent to the group, choose “Send again”, and before you actually sending it you can then edit it, i.e. actually composing the new mail. You would, however, save the list of addressees in the To (CC/BCC-) field.

    Okay, here’s another work-around. Maybe conceptually more sound, but still clumsy.

    You can copy all the addressees once in the To- (or BCC-)field of a freshly created new message, each address separated from the next just by a comma (and space). Then save the mail as Stationery. It will be saved under “Custom” in “Stationery” (the only way to show stationery is by way of customizing the message’s Toolbar in such a way that the "Show Stationery" button is visible -- control-click in the message’s Toolbar to do so). You can name the stationery template appropriately, like “Group X’s name”. Also, you can move the “Group X” to “Favorites” within the stationery panel to give it a more prominent place.

    From now on you can create a new mail, choose the group’s stationery from the stationery panel, and if you haven’t added anything else besides the list of addressees, only the To- (BCC-)field will be populated with all the addressees’ email addresses -- other than that, you have a clean, white sheet of mail for composing.

    This process can be re-iterated forever.

    Clearly, there should be an easier way to create a group of addressees from scratch.


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