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    I'm sure that somebody has done this, but just figured it out so I thought I'd share it. So I open my audio file in Sound Studio (ctrl+click -> open with works best) then edited it so the file contained only the part i wanted. then i saved it to my desktop (doesnt matter what format). i just changed the extension to .m4r, dragged it to itunes, an synced my iphone. Have fun
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    Very old but i have a better solution. Theres a program called iPhone Ringtone Maker that will save your ringtones anywhere on your computer. I made a folder for just ringtones. You pick any sound or song u want to make a ringtone out of and then drag the sliders to make the ringtone, you can then preview it and then create it. You can then name it whatever you like and then save them into a folder if you like. Afterwords you can then Send it to iTunes directly from within the program itself and it will sync it to your phone. Then theres a manage tab inside the program that has a list of all the ringtones you created with the program and with 1 click you can send them all to iTunes. It saves time having to rename it to ".m4r" then drag back into iTunes and then sync. It can make more ringtones with this program in the same time it would take to make 1 ringtone for iTunes. Plus it has Fade In and Fade Out and Volume Boosting
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    just to make sure... this application you're speaking about is not free right?
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    You can do it in iTunes.

    take original song and go "get info" and take out a 20 second segment you want

    convert selection to AAC

    go "show file"

    change the extension to m4r

    drag and drop onto iPhone in iTunes.
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    It's a bit cOLD in here.

    I think I need a jacket. ;)
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    Garage Band is so easy and fast for this job. I love it. :) I hope you have a Mac.
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    The length should be less than 30 seconds.
    For Windows:

    1. Click on iTunes – Library
    2. Click the song you’d like to edit
    3. Locate the start and end times of the selection you want. To do this, move the iTunes playback head (at the top of iTunes) to the start of the selection and note the start time. Then move the playback head to the end of the selection and note the end (stop) time.
    4. Click on File – Get Info – Options
    5. Click on Start Time and enter the start time you noted
    6. Click on Stop Time and enter the end time you noted
    7. Click on OK
    8. Click on iTunes – Preferences – Importing
    9. In Import Using, click on AAC Encoder
    10. Click on OK
    11. Click on iTunes – Advanced – Convert Selection to AAC
    12. Right click the new AAC track and choose to find in on your computer
    13. Rename the new AAC track as a .m4r
    14. Double click the new .m4r which will open up into the ringtones section of iTunes
    15. Sync new ringtone to iphone
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    what version of iTunes are you guys using to accomplish this? Im running the newest version (and 64bit) on 64-bit Vista.


    ^that isnt working for me^
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    Just remember you can not use protected files.
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