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macrumors Penryn
Feb 20, 2009
It doesn't make sense to do that.
The SSD will run faster as a "standalone" (NON-fusion) drive...
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macrumors 6502
Sep 22, 2011
Why do you ask - do you already have both drives?

I would avoid using a fusion drive. My mini had one and, over time, the mechanical one began to fail. In the case with a fusion drive, if either of them fails then you're in deep do-do.

After Apple confirmed my spinning drive was the issue, I opted to put two SSDs in my 2012 and have been extremely happy.


macrumors G4
Sep 6, 2002
im currently have two the drives, and i want to combine to one 1TB volume
I’m with the others in joy recommending that. Both drives are good sized already. There is no benefit to combining them into a single volume.
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