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    I hear other people say they have a Junk Mail folder on their Iphone, and no matter where I look on my Iphone or in Mail I can't find a way to create one on my Iphone. Am I missing something? I keep getting all those stupid "man meds" email and these CNN ones. The thing I really can't stand is I never gave CNN my email. I rebooted my phone last night cause my Apps keep crashing. I tried all the tricks I have read and none work, so I saw the CNN emails again, but they were old now. So they may be over, but I still want to make a junk mail on my Iphone. I am running 3 emails through my Mail and my Mac Mail I have the junk options and they typically get the junk. If anyone knows how to put a "junk Mail" folder in Iphone Mail I would love to hear how it's done.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I think it has more to do with what sort of email service you use.

    In my case, I have a spam (junk) mailbox when I use my gmail service (which is IMAP. I see all the email boxes that I setup on my gmail account (about nine of them).

    On the other hand, my local internet provider only supports POP services, and as a consequence I see <Inbox>,<Sent>, and <Trash> mailboxes.

    In the first case, the spam filtering is being provided by google and their mail package. In the second case, there isn't any spam filtering going on. In either case, the filtering isn't happening on the iPhone
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    You need to set up your mail accounts as IMAP accounts. Erase the account from the phone and set it up again as IMAP. (If you're using g-mail, you should follow these directions.)

    Then, you need to re-add the account to Apple Mail as an IMAP account there too. (So you'll have your mail duplicated. One as IMAP and one as POP. Once you confirm that the IMAP version is working, you can erase the POP version from Mail.)

    Then, make sure your computer stays on all the time (no sleeping).

    Your computer will get the mail first (since your phone gets it every 15, 30, or 60 minutes) and the computer Mail will move it to the junk folder. This removes it from the in-box which will then sync this info back to the server before your phone checks. Thus, it will be out of the inbox before the phone checks and it's unlikely you'll get much junk mail on the phone.

    Also, you can make server folders after you set up the e-mail as IMAP. You'll still have the mailbox up on the top of mail, but down lower you'll have folders on the server that show up on the iPhone. You can move messages to these folders on the iPhone, but you have to make the folders on the computer.

    Click the attached image of Mac Mail to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

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