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Discussion in 'macOS' started by dusk007, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I wonder how it can be done to create a new OSX user account but port everything from the old one so they are identical.

    Reason for the operation would be to get rid of choppy Mission Control. It seems a clean reinstall isn't required and a new account fixes those choppy animation problems.

    I have a lot of stuff set up in my account and I don't want to redo it. So I wonder if there is a way to get the benefits of the new account without actually doing everything anew.
    In Windows one could just copy all the hidden User folders.
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    Traditionally it is done by moving your user folder into the computer's users folder and creating a new user with the same shortname, then the users preference pane will ask if you want to use this pre-existing user folder with your new user account.

    However I don't think this will solve your issue because for all intensive purposes this new user account will be identical to the old one.
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    Yeah I kind of would have to find the preference file that is causing the problem and delete it or start fresh and set everything a new which would probably take a week.
    It is just so freakin much.

    There isn't anybody who could point me to the OSX only preference files.
    I kind of would like to reset just that stuff. Looked through the library user folder but its near impossible to guess what in there could cause any issues with Mission Control. It must be some OSX setting but where are they. Setting those again wouldn't be that much I could just overwrite them with those of the new fresh account and reset everything.

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