"Create New iCloud Security Code...because of a change to iCloud Keychain servers.."

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  1. Chairman.Jobbie, Mar 21, 2015
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    I'm started getting a popup on my iPad only saying

    Create New iCloud Security Code
    A new security code must be created because of a change to iCloud Keychain servers.

    With 3 options

    Create New Code
    Learn More
    Reset & Turn Off Keychain

    Anyone else had this? Seems a bit weird and I'm a bit worried.

    When I click learn more it takes me to apple support page but with message that the page you requested is not available or something like that.

    I post a screen shot of the popup soon but in the mean time can anyone tell me if they've had the same message ever?

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    Look like this?


    If you have 2 step verification, maybe that's the issue, and the link will help you.
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