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Discussion in 'iPad' started by phillips321, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Hi all,

    So my dad has just got an ipad2 32gb after advice from me (i said it will better suit him than a laptop as a content consumer device).

    Had a little play with it and i cant figure out how to create new folders in the photos apps.

    I have copied all of his photos from his laptop on to it but lets just say he wants to re-arrange them... does he honestly have to do this on the laptop and then resync? Surely there is a way to create a new album and then move stuff to that album?

    Cheers guys

    P.s. Any news on when the skype app for ipad will be out?

    P.p.s I'm still looking for my 64gb 3g, sold out everywhere :-(
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    In Bold, Yes.
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    Yes, you are correct, a pain in the bum isn't it.

    What you "NEED" to remember is that, as of yet, Apple have decided not to make a Tablet computer than is an independent device.

    Some try and use it as such and work within the restrictions, but that's not how Apple have made it.

    At the moment, Apple still think you have a PC or a Mac computer to do your work and "creation" on.

    They have produced a tablet that you can offload items from your main computer onto, so you can have some "Data on the go" so to speak, and you can add some types of data onto this tablet, and then you will sync back to your main computer again.

    That's their scenario for their device.

    Many, including myself would like an independent tablet computer, but the current iPad is not it. They don't really allow/want you to delete items on the iPad very much meaning that when you synced back, those items would be removed from your computer also, and they seem to think this is dangerous as their intended iPad Audience/Consumer is not someone who could understand this and would then lose data.

    So, at the moment, yes, to really do a lot of basic things, they have to be done on your actual computer and not your computers mobile extension, The iPad.
  4. whudat macrumors newbie

    Mar 17, 2011
    In order to maintain my current picture folder structure, I use an app called Photo-Sort. I use it as a photo viewing replacement for my Apple provided Photos app. It allows you to move your pictures from your computer hard drive (folders and all) onto your iPad via FTP. I like it because it maintains the folder structure that you want instead of the single folders view that the native Apple Photo viewer app provides. I use the Apple Photos app for wallpaper pics.

    In order for me to save space, I rescaled my photos into a separate "Apple Crap" only partition that I use to sync on. I used a free program called iRFanView. It has a batch photo re-scaler. I went this route because I have a ton of pictures that I wanted to share with family members. I figured the iPad was a great tool to show them off. Without the rescale, the pictures storage would've been more than double the size. When you import photos via iTunes, your larger images are "optimized" to a resolution of 2304 x 1536. This allows for zoom in clarity. If you don't care about zoom in clarity, rescale to 1024 x 768 (native iPad resolution).

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