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    I am required to create a 10 to 15 minute video file of an interview for my lecturer in a subject for my Social Work degree. As a mature age student i do not have the technical skills to know how to achieve this. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard however it is up to date with the latest updates for this operating system. Has anyone any suggestions on how i may create this video file on this machine then transfer the file to a USB stick which may be read on any computer to allow my lecturer to access my work. This assessment is worth 50% of my marks for this semester so i am concerned as to how to create the file so my lecturer may view the file. I would like to keep it as simple as possible so would like to use the inbuilt camera in the macbook pro if possible. I have not found a solution on google as yet so any advice would be appreciated :confused:
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    You should probably go with iMovie, since its the simplest possible editor to learn in the short amount of time I'm sure you have. Exporting to a H.264 file for you to hand in is easy as it has all the presets laid out for you.

    Another question would be what camera are you shooting on? You need to make sure you are importing the correct footage in the correct way to your editing package? Most tapeless cameras you can simply plug in via USB and iMovie will recognise it and show you a list of clips to import.
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    Can you elaborate a bit on the requirements of the video? Does it just need to show just you taking part in the interview, or does it need to show both participants?

    As you are using Snow Leopard, you've probably got iMovie11(v9). You could use a tapeless camcorder, but if it produces AVCHD video then importing into iMovie is slightly problematic. The ideal camcorder would be a miniDV one.

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