Create your own iTunes-compatible ringtones...


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Apr 24, 2006
Awesome. Worked perfectly. Thanks for posting.

Although, I ended up doing a restore to erase my previous ringtones from iFuntastic because I had doubles of each. iTunes 7.4 didn't erase the hacked ones.


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Sep 7, 2007
No. You have to already have your .m4a ringtone built. Rename it to an .m4r file, and add it to your iTunes library. When you sync your phone the next time, it will show under "Ringtones" on the iPhone tab. It doesn't actually show up in the library after you add it.


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Jun 30, 2007
Can anyone tell me if these self installed ringtones are louder than the pre installed ones on the phone. Does adjusting the volume level within itunes make a difference? Thanks.
Yeah, Erica's been doing a fabulous job, despite hecklers in her comment lists. This tip actually comes full circle through, she links to the MacRumors write up, which began from the post I made in the forum here. Kudos all around. If you look at the original thread, its got an enormous amount of feedback in it for both Mac and Windows.

Can you still edit the start and stop points in iTunes for the ringtone?
Not visually, but there's a trick for doing it in iTunes with start and end in the "get info" box. MacRumors keeps compiling this, so keep checking back.

~ CB