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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by WAM2, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Alright So I Just bought a 1080p projector and screen for $200 at a garage sale. I Am looking to create a home theater with one of my macs, I Am usually good at doing this, but I'm lost. I Cant figure out how to be able to use my blu-ray player, along with my iMac 21.5 inch (2010) or with a Powermac G5, It seems like the powermac would be a better choice with its optical audio, but My AV Receiver blew, So I Am trying to use my iMac, or Powermac, as the AV Receiver, Currently I Setup My Audio Setup with an 3.5mm audio splitter thats plugged into the iMac, 1 output going to my Energy subwoofer, and the other output going to A 2.1 Logitech sound system across the room, and That has an additional output, going to another 2.0 sound system giving me in theory a 4.2 sound system setup to it, it sounds phenomenal, and the video is going from a mini dp, to dvi adapter, through dvi, to the Projector, onto the projection screen. I Would use HDMI, but i have no Mini DP to HDMI. Not sure if it would look better anyway. So I Have the video and the audio situation figured out, but I Am stuck playing dvd's on the superdrive, I'd like to use blu-ray, is there anyway to hook up a blu-ray player (not drive) and use it on the mac? thanks
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    Dude! Check out PLEX media center sofware. IF your machine is fast enough, you can playback bluray rips ".mkv" files(mp4 x.264 format).
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    Macs at this time can only play Blu-Ray movies with the shareware program the MacGo's Blu-Ray Player for Mac.

    The three free competing theater programs for a Mac are Plex, Boxee and XBMC.

    I use Plex in my 2010 Mac Mini connected to external and network hard drives. IMHO it works really great and is a joy to use.

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