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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ranguvar, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Sep 18, 2009

    I'm attempting to create a table that looks somewhat like the tables listing the ToDos in the "Things"-app.
    Specifically what features I'd like have are:

    1) Rounded corners. The table doesn't actually have to have rounded corners, I could maybe just draw a background image into each cell that would "fake" a rounded corners effect.

    2) Expandable items. When clicking items, they should expand to show more input fields. Can I put a custom view inside a cell / row that would show / hide when the item is clicked?

    3) Columns on a as needed basis. When there's no information to display in a cell, the row should try and merge as many columns as possible to show only columns with information in them. Is there any way to merge columns for certain rows, but show them for other rows?

    Thanks for any input, ideas, etc!

    P.S.: I know this is probably going to be a _lot_ of work, but I'd still like to try…
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    Dec 15, 2006
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    (i've never used Things)

    based on google images, it appears that Things uses grouped table views. grouped table views have rounded corners by default.

    in order to truly customize the layout of your cell you'll want to subclass your UITableViewCell and call the tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath method to toggle the cell's visibility of information, etc.

    [EDIT] sorry, i thought this was posted in the iPhone forum :eek:

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