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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Shaun.P, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I currently have a website, created using RapidWeaver - it's at I am unhappy with the web address and I haven't updated it in some time.

    Now I have a job, so I think I would like my own space on the web. .Mac is far too expensive in my eyes.

    I want a website that won't have to get updated often (i.e. it won't have a blog). I want to have the following pages : About Me, Photography, My CV, Contact Me etc.

    I live in the UK and I would like opinions on web hosts. Someone I know uses and they seem to like them. It'll work out around £35 (including the domain).

    Does anyone in the UK use a better service and / or cheaper?

    Thanks for any input, it is greatly appreciated.

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    There a fair few threads on recommended webhosts already.

    You can't go wrong with A Small Orange. The "tiny" plan will most likely meet your needs and only costs $30 for the year. They'll also set you up with a domain name for $10.

    With the exchange rate you're quids in!
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    Check ASO lifetime packages for 150 and 300. :D

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