creating a winXP cd from parallels to use on BootCamp?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Dopeyman, May 17, 2006.

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    I currently have WindozeXP Pro SP2 installed on parallels.... It was originally a SP1, but I've ran all the updates and installed SP2...

    Is there a way to create a CD from there to be able to install it onto BootCamp?

    I created an 80 gig HD image in parallels...

    I've never used BootCamp and would like to try it out and compare it with Parallels....

    I'm on a 20" Intel with 2 gigs of ram.....
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    Jul 10, 2003
    reviving an older post...

    i recently tried slipstreaming in parallels and was able to successfully create a bootable xp sp2 disc...all without using a PC and all done on my mac. except that it won't install via boot camp. here's what i did...someone tell me where i went wrong:

    1. in the latest rc version of parallels, i installed xp and downloaded sp2. using paul thurrott's instructions for slipstreaming, i was able get all the way to the burn disc part. since the burning feature of the disc drive is not yet supported in parallels, i could not burn a boot CD.
    2. using a demo version of nero burning ROM (version 6.x), i instead created a disc image of the slipstreamed install disc.
    3. using the network settings in parallels and also turning on windows network setting in "Sharing" on my mac, i transferred the disc image to my mac partition.
    4. using toast titanium 7, i burned the disc image to a CD and used boot camp to install. it read the install disc at first, but then it asked that i "Insert Disc in Drive A" and would not get past that.
    5. i recreated the disc, instead mounting the image on my mac and doing a disc copy of the mounted disc. same thing happened when i tried to install.

    the slipstreaming part was no problem. it created the sp2 disc without a hitch, making sure to have the .iso file and all that stuff paul says in his instructions. i'm wondering if it's not possible to copy a windows bootable disc using toast on a mac, even though all i'm doing is basically copying a disc (in this case, a disc image). anyone have any thoughts? if it worked, i would have like to have written a little tutorial on creating an sp2 slipstreamed disc entirely on a mac. oh well...
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    Apr 8, 2004
    The mistake was probably in trying to follow Thurott's instructions. You probably did go wrong in the sliplstreaming process.

    Try using instead. It does all the dirty work for you.

    This produces a bootable ISO that you can transfer to your Mac to burn as a disk image. I've done this successfully for an SP2 install disk, using Disk Utility.

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