Creating an SUS with OSX server

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    This is my first post, but I am posting since I found it difficult to get this accomplished. I hope you enjoy it. Going through the research and getting this to work was actually part of the fun.

    Creating a local SUS for OSX Server

    Below are the steps that I took to create a local SUS.

    First off I entered the two IP's and domain name in the host file needed for reaching the Software update server at Apple. This is because of a DNS issue.

    To get to the host file on your OSX Server, click on go > go to folder >
    type /etc and double- click on the hosts file and it will open in text edit



    On the Xserver I saw that there was not a:
    However there was a:

    So I changed index.sucatalog to point to the latter:
    sudo rm index.sucatalog
    sudo ln -s /usr/share/swupd/html/content/catalogs/

    Once this was done all that remained was to point the clients to the server.
    On each of the clients you have to run "sudo defaults write
    /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

    I actually have placed this command in a login script that resides on
    the Primary domain controller, which automatically pushes this command
    out to all of the network users that log in.

    This was kind of difficult information to find all in one place and then make it work, so I hope this will be helpful to everyone.
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    This is great info. I wish that I could set up one of my non-server Macs at home like this...

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