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    My wife runs a canine hydrotherapy unit and needs to complete a short history form after each swim. I have designed the forms on MS Word and she currently uses an old PC for this.

    Is there any way to have the forms stored online and be accessible from an ipad to be completed?

    That way she can stay pool side and the forms would also be accessible from home.

    The total number of forms stored will be minimal - under 1000 and security is not a big worry as no personal details will be on them.

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    With Office for the iPad you can use OneDrive and fill out the document the iPad. It requires an office 365 subscription.

    Another solution is to iWork, specifically pages to produce the document, save it on iCloud and then use Pages for the iPad.
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    Thanks for the info

    Not bothered about redoing the form in another format as its very simple.

    What would be the simplest system for the user to download the form to the ipad - update the form & save it back to the cloud.
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    Use Jotform!

    Hi there,
    I can't tell you how useful Jotform ( is. I use it as the backbone for my clinical practice - patient history questionnaires, followup surveys, referral forms from other practitioners. It integrates with Dropbox, too, if that's of use to you.

    It's free for a certain amount of submissions per month, and, if security is an issue (which it is for us) they have a secure version (https) too.

    Good luck.

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