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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DarkHeraldMage, May 16, 2013.

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    I'm looking to find a way to save a contact to my Exchange account that's setup on my phone. I have my iCloud account setup as the primary account on my phone, and since then I have come to add a work Exchange account as well. The situation I'm running into is that any contact I create on my phone automatically gets saved in my iCloud and there's no way to port it over (don't even get me started on the inability to use groups without opening Address Book).

    I need a way to meet a business contact and input their information and have it save to the Exchange portion of my account, not iCloud, so that it will push back into Outlook. Having to input every contact in Outlook in order to have them on my phone is getting to be a pain, and very counter intuitive since there are a number of apps that let you scan business cards and import the contact info straight to your phone. That's more for convenience though. :p

    Looking online I know this has been asked before, but I've yet to find a solid answer that works. Thanks!
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    All I can contribute is, there is a big blouhaha synching with outlook. Sounds like if ur with OL Winows, people has found work-arounds, ppl on OL Mac the situation is more dired.
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    There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. The first one is to set the Exchange account as the default contact account in Settings. This way any new contact will be added to the Exchange account and hence pushed back to the server.

    The other way, if you want your iCloud account to be the default, is whenever you add a new contact, make sure that your Exchange account is the only account "checked" under Groups in the Contacts app. Now when you add a new contact it will be added to Exchange since its the only account that is visible at that moment.

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