Creating Desktop Shortcuts to Network Drives


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Feb 24, 2015
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How do I go about creating a desktop shortcut to a mapped network drive on our Macs?

I can create shortcuts to certain mapped folders by creating alias and then drag across.

How would I create a desktop shortcut to the root of the drive?

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Aug 24, 2013
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Not sure if this can help, but :

In Finder Preferences / General make sure that "external disks" and "connected servers" are checked.
In Preferences / Side bar : in the "Shared" section, "connected servers" is checked.

From the Finder, you can drag the volume to the Desktop to create an alias (right click / create an alias does not work...)
It will likely asked to be "repaired" when you double click on it the first time, then will work.

Here is an example of an USB drive hooked to an Airport Extreme.
I was able to create the alias (that I do not need, since I already have the drive's icon : both work the same way).

Here on Mavericks :

Here is how the alias icon looks on Yosemite (same icon as the drive's icon) :

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