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    Nov 13, 2016
    Dear users, Im wanting to send a note about my Mother' birthday to my many cousins. In the simplest way, how do I create such a 'list'? If it is easier, and time is of the essence here, were I to list my cousin's email addresses in the 'Cc' box, how do I separate each different address? Thanks for your help
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    Aug 8, 2016
    CC -> Carbon Copy -> Everyone can see all email addresses
    BCC -> Blind Carbon Copy -> Everyone can see only his/her email address and the To email address

    Sending BCC with Mail:
    1. Create a new email (Cmd + N)
    2. Compose your Subject and Message Body
    3. Show BCC field (Option + Cmd + B)
    4. Write an email address into the To: field (hint: use the address you're sending from -> your email)
    4a. Drag and Drop a Group from the left sidebar of into the BCC field (hint: Create a Group like Family if you don't already have one. If a contact has more than one email, you can select which one to use by Edit > Edit Distribution List)
    5. Send the email

    4b. Without using, open TextEdit and write down or copy email addresses formatted like this:
    "Mrs Ex Ample"<>, "Mr Ex Ample"<>
    Select all wanted addresses and Copy and Paste them into BCC. Blank lines don't matter. If all went well, valid addresses are getting colored by

    There you've got your basic mailing, though this won't let you use custom text for each recipient. To get this done, you'd need to learn how to create and send a newsletter. Vanilla can't do this and you might better choose a web-based service to get this done. Some of them let you send bulk email for free to a limited number of recipients (around 100). That's probably not as fast to learn as you're asking for if you're doing this for the first time.

    Happy Birthday to your mother...
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    Nov 13, 2016
    Dear organicCPU, Hey, thanks for the well-written, detailed instructions; it worked, and I sent it with 2 minutes to spare, on the eve of my Mother's Birthday. Thanks, too, for her well wishes chrisman9
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    Also, if you send messages to this group of people regularly then it might be worth setting them up as a group in

    Assuming they are all in Contacts already then just select the people you want, select File>New Group from Selection and give the group a sensible name e.g. "Cousins".

    That way, next time you want to send a similar message, you just need to type "Cousins" in to Mail's address field and it'll automatically populate with your cousins' addresses.

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