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    Hello all! Recently my father purchased his-first ever Mac, to be used in his swimming pool business, mostly for training purposes, and he's given me the task of putting all the material together.

    My problem is, I really don't know where to start, or what programs would be best for presenting information to new employees - I've worked fast food jobs where their training material consists of a sort-of PowerPoint-like presentation, with images and videos placed next to text and voice-over narration - that's not exactly what I'm going for at this point in time, but I do want to use that approach here and there, and certainly aspects of it in various instances; I've downloaded LibreOffice, and was wondering if the PP equivalent included in that can do this? Or if there are any other programs out there that would be be better for presenting training material?

    Side question - I want to be able to create "tests" of sorts, like multiple choice questions and that kind of thing - is there any software out there that would allow me to do this?

    Sorry for being vague and short, I just don't know what details of what I'm trying to do would be relevant to my questions - I'll gladly provide more in-depth explanations if necessary.

    Thank you!
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    Well, it's a pretty big world out there in terms of eLearning. One product worth checking out for an appreciateion of the scope of elearning is Articulate They have a very robust editor and the community support is excellent. However, your father I'm sure will find it ironic that even though he bought a Mac (and kudos for that), you have to run Articulate via a windows emulator such as Parallels. Storyline 3 is the power program but RISE is another component and very simple to create and it handles responsive design. Be sure to check out their community - elearning heroes for tons of ideas and guidance. Adobe Captivate is another good program and similar in nature. These don't come cheap.

    Whatever, keep your content short and don't under estimate the use of simple videos that show the process and not just talking heads. In today's training, PowerPoint was left at the station a long time age. Naturally, Googling "eLearning" will launch you into this new universe. Good luck.

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