Creating m4v (from DVDmedia file or DVD) -- advice needed

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jmanley1, Oct 29, 2013.

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    So I have several episodes of a tv show and I'm trying to create high quality .m4v (h.264) files for iTunes. Before you jump in to type "Handbrake" I have tried using Handbrake before for this endeavor and was left unsatisfied with the result.

    A couple of things..

    • The show is in 4:3 format
    • I own other episodes of this show on sale from iTunes and they look "good"
    • Need to figure a fairly non-intrusive way to deinterlace the video

    I realize that when iTunes loads a TV show or Movie for sale they have compressed said file from a multi-gigabit source using Compressor 4, or something like it. And that's what I'm looking for.

    Something that will enable me to do a fairly professional job so I'll be happy with the end result. Baring in mind I own the original media (DVD) and have the shows in question also on my C:// in DVDMedia format (uncompressed DVD file).

    If the ultimate solution is for me to use Handbrake then some tips on how to fine tune it for a non-anamorphic image, as referenced above, would be very welcome.

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    I'll be candid, I archive my DVDs in VOB format. iTunes of course cannot handle those and thus, I use other means for playback. You didn't mention what you are using for playback (ATV, computer or....?).

    While I cannot guarantee anything here, have you looked over at the DVDFab site? They have DVDFab for Windows and for Mac. Of the latter, I don't believe it works (yet) with Mavericks. What they have is a video converter that should be able to convert DVD (.vob files) over to mp4 and the converter includes a deinterlace mode.

    At one time, they offered a trial. You may want to check them out. I know the Windows side has a rather large fan base and the Mac side is relatively new. I did manage months ago to test both 1080p discs and also DVD level material from disc with some reasonable success.

    To consider -
    1) DVDs are already compressed. Adding more compression at any level will degrade the image and the only measure is what you will be okay with.
    2) Deinterlacing to produce a new file should create a larger file. Depending on your playback unit, the least amount of compression (or none at all) provides the better image.
    3) If your originals have multi-channel and you play back multi-channel, make sure to use the best setting for multi-channel. Some software like Handbrake do have a "pass thru" option which simply uses the original audio on the new file "as is" (no further compression).
    4) There are ways to take a decrypted vob file and pass it through Quicktime to create an intermediate file or stay with a .mov file. This can work but also has its own set of issues (sometimes results appear darker as the gamma is set different than the original).

    I can't stress enough that DVDs are already compressed and compressing further can give inferior results. For best view, use no compression or least amount. If you end results (using ATV or whatever) creates challenges, then introduce more compression during conversion until you get a file that plays well on your ATV or other device).

    As stated, every one of my archived files - vob, mkv and m2ts are bit perfect archives. I have no desire to forcefit my library into compressed mode to fit devices. I find for me it is backwards. The only exception might be for say an iPad or iPhone.

    Good luck!

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