Creating my first Joomla site - Could use a little help!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Peter Kim, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Jul 23, 2003
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    I've been trying to convert a design of mine into a Joomla site and am having success in some areas and utter failure in others. I decided to convert it to Joomla in order to dynamically populate latest news on the homepage, alert letters pages, etc., list of speeches and to have a consultant list divided by office location. Each consultant gets their own page with a bio.

    This is the site that is more or less complete, written in CSS

    This is the where I am at with my Joomla conversion.

    My main problem right now is just getting the site properly mapped out. Basically it is supposed to be this:


    - About Us
    - - Profile
    - - Our Consultants
    - Services
    - - Our Approach
    - - Areas of Expertise
    - News & Publications
    - - Alert Letters
    - - etc.
    - Contact
    - - Inquiries
    - - Our Offices
    - - Careers

    The problem I'm having is getting everything organized. I know that the main sections (about us, services) are called "Sections", the subsections are called "Categories", and the pages themselves are called "Articles" or whatever page type i choose. However I want to be taken directly to the "Profile" page when you click on "About Us" and have the submenu show both "Profile" and "Our Consultants". Is this possible with Joomla? I'm very confused by the menu manager, section and category managers.
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    For the About Us / Profile menu items linking to the same page... well just create the main menu item About Us, linked to the page you want. Then create the sub menu item Profile linked to the same page..

    Make sense?

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