Creating OS X Lion bootable USB on Windows :(

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by lortloaf, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. lortloaf, Feb 1, 2015
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    Feb 1, 2015
    Have an old Mid-2007 MacBook, hard drive died, but I had another hard drive from an old Windows laptop. Plugged it in and to my honest surprise the laptop successfully booted into Windows 8.1 without any issue. Sadly I was unable to find any compatible drivers for the trackpad for Windows 8, not surprised really.

    Anyway, long story short~ I wanna stick OS X back on this laptop, however I am having trouble getting the installer to boot from my USB drive.

    I downloaded a copy of OS X Lion and mounted it as many guides told me too, but on trying to boot from the USB on my MacBook it seems to fail and just resort to booting into Windows instead.

    Any tips, as every guide online is just telling me to do what I have already done ten times already :(
    (Restoring from image in transmac)


    Here is a video too, just to confirm the USB boot option is showing, just seems to be going nowhere?
  2. lortloaf, Feb 2, 2015
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    Feb 1, 2015
    have tried several other disk images of Lion and Snow Leopard with no joy - although the Snow Leopard one actually showed a white screen with an X in the centre before trying to boot windows.

    any ideas at all? completely formatted hard drive to HFS, no change. downloading some new image files in case maybe i just got an iffy copy, but i am not too hopeful.

    i need my laptop this weekend so i am going to just (try to) stick ubuntu on it for now.

    update: haha so the macbook 2.1 efi firmware is apparently trash and ubuntu usb is not booting~

    put hard drive in my pc, installed ubuntu on it, put it back in laptop, white screen with flashing ? folder :(

    downloading snow leopard again to try and see if that can boot from usb.. failing this i guess i'll just have to go without my laptop this weekend and borrow a friends.

    Oh, don't think I mentioned it, my MacBook has no cd-rom drive as it died many moons ago :)
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