Creating Pro Tools-style fades in Logic?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Let's Sekuhara!, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Let's Sekuhara!

    Jun 30, 2008
    Just installed Logic Express 8 migrating from Pro Tools. I may upgrade to Pro if all goes well. So far I'm having a bit of difficulty getting accustomed to the workflow.

    For example: In Pro Tools one can put a fade on an audio clip by selecting the end of it and hitting Cmd+F and then Enter to accept. In Logic one must first switch to a special fade tool by hitting Esc and choosing it from a cursor menu. Then you draw the fade and after that hit Esc twice to return to your main cursor. This seems to take a lot more time and I'm wondering if there is a way to drop a fade on the selected region like in Pro Tools?


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