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Mar 30, 2013
HI All,

I have been searching for a great application for creating a Resume and not having much luck. I have tried some online sites that state they are 'free', but once the resume is created, I have to pay to do anything with it. I am not trying to find some apps that are free which would allow me to create a great looking resume. Any thoughts? Adobe possibly or some other type of software?


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Jul 8, 2011
Have you considered Pages or Word? Both great for just such a need. As for Adobe, the only thing you have there is Indesign. Unless you already own Indesign, not worth getting unless you plan to use it for more than just a resume. If you are only going to do a resume, you could download the free trial and do it that way. But the problem with that is, if you ever want to edit it down the road, you will be out of luck.

Just me, but I think you should look into Pages or Word.


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Jul 17, 2009
Denver, co
Plus one. Both programs have templates for a resume and are easy to use. If you have a new Mac (2013 or later) Pages is free from Apple.

I'm not sure about easy to use. I just spent an hour trying to use one with complex multiple column sections. I gave up and reverted to the simple Modern resume template.


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May 24, 2009
Are you looking for an application that creates your resume? If so, look for templates using a search engine like Google or Bing.


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May 24, 2009
Did a search and have not verified this but found references for resume builders in the application store (aka AppStore). Try doing a search in Google or Bing for os x resume template or resume builder.


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Jan 3, 2011
No one's said it yet, so here it is: LaTeX.
If you have the time and get to grips with it, it's a fantastic choice.
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