Creating Ringtones iPhone XS Max, Mac OS Mojave

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    Ok so used to be able to create ringtones in iOS and Mac OS but seems they have taken this feature out of Garageband, does anyone know a quick way to create Ringtones with a Mac or iPhone? Any help would be appreciated a lot of the gooled method do not work on the new Mac OS or iOS.
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    You can still create ringtones in MacOS. The problem is Apple removed the ability to import custom tones. Some people have been able to click and drop. Most of the time, that doesn't work. I use the app iMazing, which has the ability to add ringtones to your phone without any problem, amongst other great features.
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    +1 for iMazing, and ringtones management is free so no need to get a license (had no regrets about purchasing it though). Check this guide, there's also several tool recomendstions in the end that you can use to cut the track if needed.
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    Thanks for the tip! I will check it out for sure. Looks good.
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    Hey im transfering all my songs from note 8 but they won't download or my ringtones...does anybody know a mp3 player i can download onto iphone because that's where i got my music from

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