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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Wingston, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Hi - I have never really got the hang of compressor, so... How do I create the separate video/audio files and not simply and up with Audio & Video_TS folders. I need files I can then import into DVD pro. I know I don't have to go through compressor but I am having trouble with jittery footage. When objects move in the film it is very jerky, not smooth. I have been advised to export from FCP through compressor but I always end up with these DVD folders.:(
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    dont create a dvd in compressor. Export a reference movie, open in compressor, create the MPEG2 video file and aac audio and bring those in the DVD Studio Pro to author the DVD.

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    Which version of Compressor are you using?

    On the current version, select the create DVD then select to do nothing in the after action.

    But regardless, you should find the MPEG-2 and AC3 files in temp location folder you set.

    I usually export a master file from FCP and then drag that into compressor.

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