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Apr 22, 2012
Hi, has anybody got any advice on how to go about making my own apps? I have some coding/programming background from Alevel Computing at school - I was wondering what the easiest and most simplest software packages are available to enable me to make/mess about/learn on. Thanks!


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May 9, 2011
Get the x-code SDK from Apple, its free and comes with everything you need to get up and running - including an iPhone/iPad simulator.

Stanford lectures are really great to get up to speed with objective-c quickly.

Good luck and enjoy!

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May 25, 2012
I was where you are about 9 months ago so here is a little advice...

I started learning objective c with a book called:

Programming in Objective-C
By: Stephen G. Kochan

Easy to follow I am still no pro at programming and attribute most of my success to market research and creativeness but without a good coding base you wont get very far. The book mentioned above gives you that good base you need and has a very very helpful/active forum involved that helps with the learning process.

Next I went with the book headfirst iphone and ipad dev. This is a little more hands on where you start doing projects in xcode and it gets a little more fun and visual.

After finishing up most of both of those books I started figuring out what my first app would be. Money was never the aim for me but I don’t mind making $100 a day either lol. Your first project should be something simple but also something needed. I hate to say it but the app store does not need anymore games. If you attempt to make a game as your first app be prepaired for very low sales if any. You are competing with around 500k other games so gl.

Before spending 2-3 months building an app its wise to study the market (check competitors etc…). I have seen way to many people spend 2-3 months on an app just to release it and get no sales because its not needed or the market is already cornered.

Hope this helps if you have anymore questions feel free to pm or email me.

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