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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by prvt.donut, Apr 8, 2013.

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    So our company security policy now says we can't have Java on any of our office computers.

    This means trouble for our Mac users who are using CS4 because now they are getting warnings saying that it needs Java RE 6.0 to run.

    But we can't install Java for our security compliance.

    Does Windows' Creative Suite also need Java?

    Other options would be other software packages and not Adobe CS, any reccomendations?
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    Windows Creative Suite also requires Java. I presume you've told the policy-makers that this means you can't use industry-standard software that you need for your work?

    However, I think the dependency on Java is reduced in newer versions, so you may be able to install Java, install CS6, and then remove Java and still have most things work.

    There is nothing wrong with having Java on your Mac. Anymore than any of the other languages that are installed there, like Ruby, Perl, Python, shell script, C++, etc, etc. You can write code in any language to do bad things.

    The only problem is that bad code can be executed from a malicious website. So you just need to turn off Java in your browser.

    There are other applications, of course -- Quark XPress, (is Corel Suite still going?). Plus all the open source, free ones, like Scribus, Inkscape, GIMP.
    Though they are capable, you are severely shooting yourself in the foot by not allowing Creative Suite. I can see a change over to other products costing lots of money and even losing clients.

    Management may not know about tech, but they do understand losing money. Costs for New software, training staff, new hardware; costs for additional work involved when external people supply documents in CS formats. Explain it to them in money terms.
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    Thanks for the thoughts. Just needed to make sure.

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    Just FYI, CS5 still relies on Java being installed.
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    Out of PS, Ai, iD, Ae, Pr CS6- the only one that requires java is Ai and that is one tiny file located in the 'File Formats' folder called "FXGFileformat" just remove that file from the folder and you will be able to launch illustrator without java.

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