creative use for an old iMac G3 se (the grey and light grey one)

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by slamd50, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Feb 20, 2009
    So I have this old iMac just laying around in my parents basement. My sister was using as her desktop, but she now has a dell laptop against my judgement. Anyway I'm just wondering what people are doing with their old iMacs these days... The only problem it has is once in a while it will fail to recognize the mouse and possibly keyboard. In years past I wasn't as savvy with macs so i just bought a new one instead of fixing it. I imagine this should be an easy fix. Any ideas or examples of what people have them doing would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

    My current set up is: Mac book Al 2Ghz
    Mini 2.6 Ghz (for HTPC)
    AEBS with 1TB wd hd
    Iphone 3gS 32g
    2g shuffle
    *pre ordered iPad 3g 32gb
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    Central US
    Well it can be as slow as 400MHz and as fast as 700MHz. If you could find out how much RAM its already got installed and how fast it is, we could probably make some better suggestions for you. For example, a 700MHz model with 768-1GB of RAM and AirPort card could serve as a nice kitchen/livingroom web browser Mac. If its only 400MHz with 64MB of RAM in it, then it would probably better serve as an OS 9 word processor.
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    Dec 12, 2002
    You could run ScreenRecycler on it, and use it as a second monitor for your newer computer. (There are other utilities that will do similar, ScreenRecycler is just the only one I have ever used.)

    All you need on the iMac G3 is a VNC client. THe 'best' one for use with ScreenRecycler is only available for OS X, but any will work.

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