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    sp what happens if I decide to buy an iPhone and my credit is not approved?

    The way its worded on AT&T's site, it doesn't seem like iPhone peeps get pay as you go.

    My credit stems from Verizon trying to add 300 onto my bill, 3 levels of managers later and NO ONE knows why its there and that I should :just pay it: why I did not do. F_ Verizon. PLus a divorce, and men always get the shaft there so. . . .

    what are my options?
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    Sep 18, 2006
    Go to an AT&T store and have them run a credit check for you. They will tell you whether or not you will qualify for 1) post-paid 2) pre-paid or 3) post-paid with deposit before you open the iPhone. If you open the iPhone, don't like your options (which will be given to you in iTunes), and decide to return it you will be charged the 10% restocking fee, so it is best to check with AT&T before you open and activate. If you qualify for a post-paid plan, AT&T will give you a code that you can enter when you activate during iTunes so you don't have to enter your SSN or go through the credit check again online.

    Pre-paid plans are available, but they are ONLY available to people who fail the credit check. If you pass the credit check they will not even appear during iTunes activation. The pre-paid plans are MUCH MUCH more expensive per minute than the post-paid plans, although there is no contract with the pre-paid.

    The pre-paid plans can be seen at this link. To the best of my knowledge these plans are correct, but they may have changed-this was posted last July:

    The current post-paid iPhone plans are here:

    Some more info:

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