Credit Card Charge in Apple Pay that I don't recognize

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by henryaaron, May 3, 2015.

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    There's a charge from about ten days ago on my credit card from iTunes that I don't recognize, this card is not tied to my iTunes account and is barely used altogether for anybody to get their hands on it. What's really puzzling is that I discovered the charge in Passbook under that card as well. It's a Chase credit card so Apple Pay does not show all of the charges I make on the card (even not using Apple Pay) like Amex does. Do all iTunes charges made on a Chase credit card get pushed to Apple Pay, so that the card could've been stolen, used on iTunes and the charge still appears in my Passbook? Or is there a place I can make a charge on iTunes using Apple Pay that I possibly made this charge?
    What's even more strange is that the charge is the only one I don't recognize which is strange for a stolen credit card. I absolutely cannot figure out where I made this charge.
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    I would suggest calling your credit card company to dispute the charge.

    I know you can use Apple Pay within different apps but not sure if you can within the App store itself. I know on my credit card, payments towards apps don't show up in Passbook, I think only Apple Pay purchases do.
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    I would sign into your Chase account to see if you can find any more details on the transaction and then call them if you're still not sure about the charge.

    I have multiple Chase cards and recently noticed two restaurant charges on an account that were indeed fraudulent. They cancelled my card immediately and I had a new one in 1-2 days.

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