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    Sep 28, 2007
    Hi, my name is Travis and I recently bought my iphone (yesterday). I also recently switched my service to AT&T (Cingular).

    Me and my mom got a family talk plan (1400 minutes) my mom got a regular phone and her phone was made the primary.

    I put everything in my name so I had to put a $100 deposit down on both of our phones. The girl at the AT&T gave me a reciept and on that reciept it had a credit check number something she said I would need to activate my iphone.

    So I get home, first I have to download the latest version of itunes. After that I connect my iphone to my computer and I am ready to go! She specifically told me to click on the option

    "add a new line to an existing phone / plan"

    So I did that, I put in all my information and stuff and I click submit on the last page (where it is giving you a summary of what your activation fee is and other charges) after that a page comes up saying.

    You have 1 of 3 options to activate your iphone

    1. You need a credit check number, you may go to the AT&T store to get one click here to find a local AT&T store. You may disconnect your iphone at this time and reconnect it when you have a credit check number.
    click here if you already have a credit check number

    I click on the option where I already have a credit check number and it takes me back to the first page where I have to start all over again:(

    Mind you, I spent 3 hours doing this over and over again. I called 1-800-myiphon and I was on hold for a total of 45 minutes and all she could tell me was that I needed to call AT&T.

    I called AT&T and the guy told me this

    "Well the only way I can activate your iphone is if you get another phone (like a regular phone) and then upgrade to your iphone.

    That just made me more mad that I already was =/.

    So I don't know what to do, I am going to go to the AT&T store after I get out of class to see what is going on. And what I can do because I want to activate my iphone and I want it now!:mad:

    Thank you for anybody who can help me! :D
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    Sep 28, 2007
    Nobody? =/
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    Jun 1, 2006
    The only thing I think you can do is bring everything to the Apple store if you can and have them activate it on the spot.

    Other than that, it might be a bug with iTunes that could be fixed some time soon. Try calling Apple iPhone support and see what they say.

    On a side note what you should have done is get a free phone with the activation and then bought the iPhone separate. It would have been easier and you could have made some money.
    What you could do is take everything back since your under 30 days and do the whole thing over without returning you phone. You will get some cheap free phone and the whole thing will be easier.
  4. alanisrox69 macrumors regular

    Jul 10, 2007
    At ATT did they give you a phone number for YOUR line?

    If so, you don't select Add A aren't adding a line. You are upgrading to an iPhone on an Existing Line.


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