Cricket or CLEAR Hot Spot?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by reckless2k2, Dec 16, 2010.

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    I'm looking for some opinions and overall user experiences.

    My in-laws got a WiFi iPad for Christmas. The only internet access they currently have is via a Cricket USB modem connected to their laptop. Obviously, they want to take around the iPad and connect to the internet similar to how they do with the Cricket USB modem. I was thinking that a hot spot could take care of them for both the laptop and iPad but I'm not sure which is the better choice between the companies I highlighted. Cricket is only 3G but I've heard about some throttling experiences users were having with CLEAR especially with programs like Netflix. Not that they would use something like that very much but you never know once they start using the iPad more.

    We live in the Philly area.

    They don't have smart phones to tether or jailbreak so please refrain. I'm specifically looking for Cricket and CLEAR experiences. Verizon is too expensive and AT&T isn't really offering month-to-month with their MiFi. The Virgin Mobile MiFi may be an option.

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    Posting to bump this up and to also add an additional question (sorry OP), are there any data plans where you just by a group on minutes. I am getting a WiFi 16GB iPad for Christmas. It will suit my needs very well but there may be times that i would like to use some type of hot spot device.
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    I'm a field tech and have used clear for a few years to teather my laptop, and now my iPad, through out the Seattle area. As long as you stay in their coverage areas, very spotty in lots of areas, you'll be ok
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    It really depends on the coverage in the areas they would use it most. If it is not in the 4g coverage area, you may be better off with cricket or virgin mobile.

    To the second poster, nothing like that at this point in the US. But I saw one that had daily rates. I will look to see if I can find it again. I think someone posted about it in this forum.

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