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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by bkpr1, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. bkpr1 macrumors newbie

    Apr 7, 2015
    This panel popped up on my desktop while browsing the web using Safari, I'm guessing its malicious. Has anyone else seen this?...Thanks!

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  2. GGJstudios macrumors Westmere


    May 16, 2008
    It's a pop-up advertisement. Ignore it. You can quit Safari, then clear your cache and cookies.

    Macs are not immune to malware, but no true viruses exist in the wild that can run on Mac OS X, and there never have been any since it was released over 12 years ago. The only malware in the wild that can affect Mac OS X is a handful of trojans, which can be easily avoided by practicing safe computing (see below). 3rd party antivirus apps are not necessary to keep a Mac malware-free, as long as a user practices safe computing, as described in the following link.
    Read the What security steps should I take? section of the Mac Virus/Malware FAQ for tips on practicing safe computing.
  3. SusanK macrumors 68000

    Oct 9, 2012
    I got something similar yesterday with a toll free number to call for virus removal. I ignored it.
  4. tdhurst macrumors 601


    Dec 27, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ

    Annoying but not detrimental.

    New version of a pop-up ad.
  5. JonLa macrumors 6502

    Dec 22, 2009
    Check your Safari extensions - had one of these on a colleague's machine the other day.

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