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    My client ask for a page where I crop the thumbnail to be square evenly cropped from top, bottom ,left and right.

    here's my code :

    $sql_diapo=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM diapo WHERE categorie = '".$_GET['categorie']."' ORDER BY ordre ASC"); 
    // ================ CALCULER HAUTEUT ET LARGEUR ================ 
    $laphoto="".$ligne_diapo['id_diapo'].".jpg "; 
    $laphoto_g="".$ligne_diapo['id_diapo'].".jpg "; 
    list($width, $height) = getimagesize($laphoto); 
    if($width > $height){ // paysage 
    $trop_large = $width - $height; //largeur moins hauteur 
    $coupe_large=$trop_large / 2; //resultat divisé par 2 (gauche-droite) 
    $largeur=$coupe_large / $width * 100; // en pourcentage 
    $largeur2=ceil($largeur); // arrondi 
    else{ // portrait 
    $trop_haut = $height - $width; //hauteur moins largeur 
    $coupe_haut=$trop_haut / 2; //resultat divisé par 2 (haut-bas) 
    $hauteur=$coupe_haut / $height *100; // en pourcentage 
    $hauteur2=ceil($hauteur); // arrondi à l'entier supérieur 
    echo "<div class=diapo>L:".$largeur2." H:".$hauteur2."<br><div style=' "; 
    if (isset($largeur2)){ echo "left: -".$largeur2."%;"; echo "right: -".$largeur2."%;";} 
    if (isset($hauteur2)){ echo " top: -".$hauteur2."%;"; echo " bottom: -".$hauteur2."%;";} 
    echo " '><a class=fancybox href=".$laphoto_g." data-fancybox-group=".$_GET['categorie']." title='".$ligne_diapo['legende']."'><img src=".$laphoto."></a></div></div>"; 
    The crop is working but not centered. You can view the result on this page :

    Any suggestion will be welcomed.
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    Hi - your English reads a lot better than my French - so we may be better off this way around… I hope you understand :)

    You can fix it with CSS.

    First position the top left corner of the image in the middle of your picture frame (div.diapo).

    div.diapo {
        float: left;
        width: 96px;
        height: 96px;
        margin: 0 4px 4px 0;
        overflow: hidden;
        position: relative;
    div.diapo img {
        position: absolute;
        width: 240px;
        height: 320px;
        top: 50%;
        left: 50%
    After this step you page should look like this (I have put a grey background on div.diapo to illustrate the positioning):


    Then you can center the images in the frame with a negative margin -(height / 2) and -(width / 2).

    div.diapo img {
        position: absolute;
        width: 240px;
        /* (240 / 2) */
        margin-left: -120px;
        height: 320px;
        /* (320 / 2) */
        margin-top: -160px;
        top: 50%;
        left: 50%;
    The page should then look like this - with all images centered:


    It might also be worth doing the resizing in PHP and creating thumbnails.

    There is a good example of the PHP site of how to do proportional scaling:

    Resampling an image proportionally

    You could then write the thumbnail out as a file.


    You have a security vulnerability you have exposed to the world. Please read up on parameter validation and in particular PDO prepared statements.


    Why you Should be using PHP's PDO for Database Access

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    Thank you very much, your solution is simple and accurate. I adapt it to my need and it work perfectly. Thanks for you time.

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